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10 Bathroom Tile Ideas

Subway tiles, bathroom tiles, imitation cement tiles, parquet tiles, mosaics, marble tiles or concrete effect… Bathroom tiles now offer a wide choice of shapes, colours and textures to enhance all our water features. Which tile should I choose for my bathroom? Which floor covering should I lay in front of my bathtub? Bathroom Easy lists […]

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How To Tile A Bathroom

Well, you want to know how to tile bathroom walls and floors? You will have to do some planning first, and then get down to the hard work! Once you have decided on what you sort of tiles you want, the next step is to figure out how many tiles you need. To do this, […]

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How To Get Perfectly Clean Tiles

Cleaner Tiles With Less Effort! Steam Clean First of all, you need to spray the tiles with your cleaning solution. Make sure the solution is fine by testing it on a small area first to ensure it doesn’t damage the tile. Next, turn the shower to the highest temperature setting and turn it on. Leave […]

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How To Clean Tile Grout

Discoloured grout around wall and floor tiles can make even the cleanest bathroom look a little uncared for, so if you’re feeling like your bathroom could do with a little pick-me-up, the chances are that getting your grout clean will do the trick. While ceramic and porcelain tiles are fairly easy to clean, though, grout […]

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Bathroom Tiles Ideas For Small Bathrooms

Tiling Ideas For Small Bathrooms Renovating your bathroom? Choosing the decor for a small bathroom can feel like hard work, and with so many styles of tile to choose from, it’s hard to know what will work best in your home. Don’t panic, though – these tiled bathroom ideas should give you the information and […]

Fitting PVC Wall Panelling Over Bathroom Tiles

Introduction Wall panelling is exploding in popularity! The promise of a lack of grouting (to get mouldy) and a wipe-clean surface (now available in a variety of designs) has people considering wall panelling rather than tiles when refurbishing their bathrooms. There are 3 types of wall panelling: Lightweight corrugated PVC Pressure laminated vinyl on an […]