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10 Ways To Cut Down On Condensation And Mould

Poor indoor air quality is becoming an increasing issue in UK homes – a recent survey found 20 per cent of householders have reported condensation and mould growth in their home Mould can be unsightly and prove to be damaging to the very fabric of a building, while also aggravating breathing and skin conditions, including […]

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Solving Common Bathroom Problems

Mouldy Menace To reduce the chance of mould in the bathroom, all you need to do is take care of moisture. There are multiple ways for you to reduce the chance of mould. An extractor fan takes the moisture in the air outside. If you don’t have a fan just open a window after a […]

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How To Design An Easy To Clean, Mould Free Bathroom

A new bathroom is a pleasure to use, especially when you’ve spent a lot of money on renovation and redecoration. But what about when it comes time to clean it? The best bathroom makeovers are the ones that are easy to keep clean. Not only do they save you precious time, but they also reduce […]