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How To Clean Tile Grout

Discoloured grout around wall and floor tiles can make even the cleanest bathroom look a little uncared for, so if you’re feeling like your bathroom could do with a little pick-me-up, the chances are that getting your grout clean will do the trick. While ceramic and porcelain tiles are fairly easy to clean, though, grout […]

Urethane Grout Problems To Avoid

The Benefits Of A Premixed Compound Premixed urethane grout is a relatively new product to the bathroom home improvement market. It is a handily convenient grout that comes premixed in a bucket ready to use without the hassle of having to pour and mix the dusty dry ingredients of traditional cement and sand-based grout with […]

Grout Application Tips

Employ The Right Tools To Avoid Common Grouting Errors Whether you are renovating or adding the final touches to a newly tiled bathroom, the grout you choose and how it is prepared will play a very important aesthetic and protective role in the future of your lavatory. Of equal importance are the steps that are […]

Grout Restoration Alternatives

Recapturing Your Tiles Original Lustre Grout restoration is a task that most first-time bath renovators’ dread. The unsightly appearance of cracking grout or mortar that is full of dirt and mildew can cause any homeowner to stare in despair and disbelief. Luckily, depending on the problem you are facing with your bath there are a […]